Ramón Bayeu y Subías


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The brother of Francisco Bayeu y Subías, Ramón formed part of an important dynasty of Spanish court painters in the 18th century. The importance of the dynasty meant that Goya himself joined through his marriage to their sister. Ramón Bayeu's technique is good, although the quality of his work is usually inferior to that of his brother, with whom he collaborated on numerous commissions, including various cartoons for the Royal Tapestry Factory. He also collaborated with Goya on the frescos in the basilica of El Pilar in Saragossa during the Spanish Neoclassical period. His facet as a designer of cartoons for tapestries was the most highly valued by his contemporaries. His works were monopolised by royal manufacture as the enormous rooms of the abundant royal residences required metres and metres of tapestries to insulate the walls from the cold and to decorate them in accordance with their regal status. Ramón Bayeu was considered the best cartoonist of his time after Goya himself. Almost all the cartoons for tapestries in the Royal Palace are stored in the [Museo del Prado#MUSEOS#1]. The most important ones are on display such as this artist's El Choricero.

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