Santa Maria del Fiore


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Santa María de las Flores (Santa Maria del Fiore)
Piazza Duomo


This cathedral, the third biggest in the world, was designed in 1296 in Tuscan Gothic style by Arnolfo di Cambio. After his death Giotto and Francisco Talenti continued the work. Giotto designed the beautiful campanile (bell tower) and Talenti transformed Arnolfo's project, most importantly by increasing the construction's size. From 1420 to 1434 Filippo Brunelleschi designed and supervised the building of the cupola, a truly ingenious work because it was built without the aid of formwork. In 1436, the cathedral was practically completed and it was consecrated by Pope Eugene IV. In 1461 the lantern of the cupola was added and it was only in 1887 that Emilio de Fabris designed the façade. The magnificent whole makes it one of the most significant and oldest testaments of Tuscan Gothic, with its solemn, restrained architecture and its fine polychrome marble decoration. Recent excavations seem to indicate that this building of three naves separated by composed pilasters was constructed on the site of the old Basilica di San Reparata. Inside the cathedral there are interesting works by Pablo Uccello, Andres del Castagno and Michelangelo.

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