A collage is a picture made up of different elements stuck to a canvas or board. It comes from the word "coller" meaning "to stick" in French. The most widely used materials are normally flat, such as fabric, cardboard, paper, photographs, cuttings from newspapers and bits of plastic. However, more bulky elements can also be stuck to the painting, such as articles of clothing, boxes and metal objects. It is also common for the collage to combine other drawing or painting techniques, like [oils#MATERIALES#1], printing, or watercolours. The origin of the technique can be traced back to the Cubists' "papiers collés", which consisted of simple pieces of paper in flat colours that were stuck to the painting to increase the effects of absolute colour. The Cubists were responsible for fully developing the collage and the first collage ever is attributed to Picasso. The technique was also very successful among the Surrealists and Dadaists.

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