The Inquisition


Datos principales

15th to 19th century


The Spanish Inquisition was an organisation bound to the Church and to the historical forms of Spanish religiosity. While it had a degree of autonomy from the ecclesiastical power of Rome it was subject to the Spanish Monarchs' power. It was created at [Ferdinand and Isabella's#PERSONAS#13] request to investigate and punish Jewish "conversos". The first court that was set up sat in Seville in 1480 and in 1483 the Council of the Supreme and General Inquisition was established with authority over all the provincial courts and with Friar Thomas de Torquemada as Inquisitor-General. The Inquisition's severest period was during Ferdinand and Isabella's reign. As of [Charles I's#PERSONAS#34] reign the proceedings became less ruthless. It was suppressed in 1808 during the Cadiz Cortes and abolished permanently in 1834. Berruguete's painting, Auto de Fe, gives us an idea of the context in which sentences imposed by the Inquisition were carried out.

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