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Mona Lisa
77 x 53 cm.
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It is difficult to comment on the Mona Lisa. The fascination that has been felt for the portrait over the centuries, the power it has over the spectator's gaze and the fact that it has become an icon for the modern cultural world make an objective analysis difficult. The portrait includes all the typical characteristics of Leonardo's painting. These include the use of sfumato, a technique that softens the contours of the image; the beautiful, wild landscape in the background in carefully blended blue tones that make it disappear almost imperceptibly; the ambiguity of the face and the sexual vagueness that makes her look like a woman, an androgynous myth that has endless references to religious and philosophical theories; and above all the most melancholic and mysterious smile of all time. The portrait is of Madonna Lisa, the wife of Francesco Giocondo, from where it gets its other title. Leonardo kept the portrait with him all his life, never ceasing to work on it, and obviously never gave it to his client. After Leonardo's death it passed to the French royal collection and today it is on display in the Louvre, protected by bullet proof glass and constantly surrounded by a throng of tourists who never stop taking her photograph.


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