The Cherry Seller


Datos principales

259 x 100 cm.
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Esquema relacional

The Cherry Seller formed part of the decoration of the prince and princess of Asturias' bedroom in the El Pardo palace. Its companion pieces included the Crockery Seller and the Feria de Madrid and the same stylistic concerns - an interest in light and colour - are present in all the images.In this scene Goya depicts one of the many fruit sellers who wandered around Madrid at the end of the 18th century. Behind her are three cloaked men, which has led to the suggestion that it is a flirtatious scene, as in the Picnic. By placing the figures under a small awning Goya focuses our attention on the characters in the foreground, leaving the background more blurred and in semi-darkness. The faces of the illuminated figures, where the artist has captured their expressions magnificently, are a clear example of Goya's skill as a portraitist that was to make him famous later on. The warm colours have been applied with rapid strokes, omitting the details of the adornments of the woman's dress.The general decoration of the royal bedroom had a cheerful air and reflected the future Charles IV and his wife Maria Luisa's taste for the everyday.


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