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The typical image of Leonardo that has come down to us was designed in 1516, based on this self-portrait which the artist adorned with certain characteristics that he wanted to be known. The drawing has been done in red chalk on coloured paper, a type of paper that Leonardo chose with great care. In the portrait we can appreciate the painter and engineer's ennobled features. He has depicted himself in the way of the ancient philosophers with his brow furrowed with deep lines that allude to his intense intellectual activity. His long wavy hair is the same length as his beard, a sign of a lack of concern for his appearance, typical of thinkers who were far removed from worldly concerns. His firmly closed mouth indicates Leonardo's concentration on solving some unfathomable problem. Clearly Leonardo's own physical features are present but the image also contains a series of codes that are still relevant today, four centuries later, which make this the exact image of the artist, the philosopher, and the Renaissance man.


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